Chronicles 19/20 Soccer T-Mall Random Team Break #19

Chronicles 19/20 Soccer T-Mall Random Team Break #19

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We are breaking 1 Chronicles Soccer 19/20 T-Mall box. We are based in the UK so there are no import taxes for shipping to anywhere in the EU.

Each spot guarantees three teams. One from the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

The team generator as well as the box break will be live streamed over on our youtube channel


- Chronicles comes to the soccer hobby for the first time for the 2019-20 season, bringing together more than 10 different Panini brands all in one place!
- Look for 11 different types of insert cards in Chronicles Soccer that showcase some stalwart Panini brands such as Prizm, Elite, Illusions, XR, Absolute, and Contenders!
- Look for Exclusive Red Parallels!
- Look for Exclusive Purple Laser Parallels!

Through purchasing this you are agreeing to entering into our random team generator. There is no guarantee what team you will receive. This will occur before the box is opened on stream. You will receive ALL of the cards pulled from the nation you receive from the generator.


All shipping for cards are included into our pricing which means what you pay is all you pay so no hidden costs.

Any questions please message us here or on our twitter: @thefifafinisher

PLEASE BE AWARE YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN UNOPENED Chronicles Soccer 19/20 T-mall box.

All purchases are not refundable.

This will be completed in the next week or two or whenever the break is completely filled.